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Original Articles
Efficacy of Brolucizumab in Polyp Regression of Treatment-Naïve Polypoidal Choroidal Vasculopathy and Its Effect on One-Year Treatment Outcome
Seung Hun Lee, Hyo Song Park, Jung Woo Han
Received December 23, 2023   Accepted March 19, 2024   Published online April 8, 2024   
[Epub ahead of print]
Diagnosing Polypoidal Choroidal Vasculopathy Using Color Fundus Photography, Optical Coherence Tomography, and Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography
Sejun Park, Junwoo Lee, Jong Beom Park et al.
Korean J Ophthalmol. 2023;37(6):468-476.   Published online October 25, 2023
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Choroidal Neovascularization and Haller Vessel Morphology Associated with Vision and Treatment Number after 1 Year in Age-related Macular Degeneration
Seungmin Kim, Hyungwoo Lee, Hyewon Chung, Hyung Chan Kim
Korean J Ophthalmol. 2021;35(5):397-409.   Published online August 3, 2021
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One-year Results of Aflibercept Treatment for Polypoidal Choroidal Vasculopathy with Good Visual Acuity
Ji Min Kwon, Kang Yeun Pak, Jae Jung Lee, Min Sagong, Hyun Woong Kim
Korean J Ophthalmol. 2021;35(1):26-36.   Published online December 11, 2020
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Novel Findings of Polypoidal Choroidal Vasculopathy via Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography
San Seong, Hun Goo Choo, Yang Jae Kim et al.
Korean J Ophthalmol. 2019;33(1):54-62.   Published online February 1, 2019
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Development of Submacular Hemorrhage in Neovascular Age-related Macular Degeneration: Influence on Visual Prognosis in a Clinical Setting
Young Suk Chang, Jae Hui Kim, Jong Woo Kim, Chul Gu Kim, Dong Won Lee
Korean J Ophthalmol. 2018;32(5):361-368.   Published online October 8, 2018
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Peripapillary Choroidal Thickness Change of Polypoidal Choroidal Vasculopathy after Anti-vascular Endothelial Growth Factor
Kyou Ho Lee, Seo Hee Kim, Ji Min Lee, Eui Chun Kang, Hyoung Jun Koh
Korean J Ophthalmol. 2017;31(5):431-438.   Published online September 25, 2017
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Polypoidal Choroidal Vasculopathy with Feeder Vessels: Characteristics, Fellow Eye Findings, and Long-term Treatment Outcomes
Hyun Ji Hwang, Jae Hui Kim, Young Suk Chang, Jong Woo Kim, Chul Gu Kim
Korean J Ophthalmol. 2017;31(3):230-239.   Published online May 12, 2017
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Intravitreal Anti-vascular Endothelial Growth Factor for Treating Polypoidal Choroidal Vasculopathy with Grape-like Polyp Clusters
Young Suk Chang, Jae Hui Kim, Jong Woo Kim, Tae Gon Lee, Chul Gu Kim
Korean J Ophthalmol. 2016;30(4):272-279.   Published online July 21, 2016
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Optical Coherence Tomography-based Diagnosis of Polypoidal Choroidal Vasculopathy in Korean Patients
Young Suk Chang, Jae Hui Kim, Jong Woo Kim, Tae Gon Lee, Chul Gu Kim
Korean J Ophthalmol. 2016;30(3):198-205.   Published online May 18, 2016
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Intravitreal Anti-vascular Endothelial Growth Factor for Newly Diagnosed Symptomatic Polypoidal Choroidal Vasculopathy with Extrafoveal Polyps
Jae Hui Kim, Dong Won Lee, Sung Chan Choi et al.
Korean J Ophthalmol. 2015;29(6):404-410.   Published online November 25, 2015
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Clinical Outcomes of Eyes with Submacular Hemorrhage Secondary to Age-related Macular Degeneration Treated with Anti-vascular Endothelial Growth Factor
Kun Hae Kim, Jae Hui Kim, Young Suk Chang, Tae Gon Lee, Jong Woo Kim, Young Ju Lew
Korean J Ophthalmol. 2015;29(5):315-324.   Published online September 22, 2015
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Aflibercept Treatment for Neovascular Age-related Macular Degeneration and Polypoidal Choroidal Vasculopathy Refractory to Anti-vascular Endothelial Growth Factor
Da Ru Chi Moon, Dong Kyu Lee, Soon Hyun Kim, Yong Sung You, Oh Woong Kwon
Korean J Ophthalmol. 2015;29(4):226-232.   Published online July 21, 2015
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Case Reports
Choroidal Venous Pulsations at an Arterio-venous Crossing in Polypoidal Choroidal Vasculopathy
Akiko Okubo, Munefumi Sameshima, Taiji Sakamoto
Korean J Ophthalmol. 2013;27(5):384-387.   Published online September 10, 2013
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Original Articles
Short-term Effectiveness of Intravitreal Bevacizumab vs. Ranibizumab Injections for Patients with Polypoidal Choroidal Vasculopathy
Han Joo Cho, Ji Seon Baek, Dong Won Lee, Chul Gu Kim, Jong Woo Kim
Korean J Ophthalmol. 2012;26(3):157-162.   Published online May 22, 2012
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